Basorun Aare Dele Momodu at 63: An inspiration, a leader and a patriot to the core

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By Issa Itopa Lucky


One of the greatest gifts to humanity is the gift of leaders who inspire the next generation to greatness.

One Nigerian whose life is the definition of service to humanity is Basorun Aare Dele Momodu; the Chairman of Ovation Media Group, the Onu na ekwuru oha 1 of Etiti, the Basorun of Oke-Ila.

Basorun Dele Momodu has been a defender of the Nigerian democracy right from the days when democracy was a taboo in Nigeria. He is an international pro-democracy figure.

In the peak of the military dictatorship era in Nigeria, Basorun Dele Momodu stood and fought for the return of democracy in Nigeria.

The philosophy of Basorun Dele Momodu which is built around hardwork, honesty, dedication and love for one’s own country is one philosophy that was greatly celebrated in Nigeria, in the United Kingdom and across the world as he clocked 63 years of age recently.

Basorun Dele Momodu is one great leader who believes alot in the best a person has to offer, regardless of his or her ethnicity, social class or religion at the time.

Basorun Dele Momodu believes in people for who they are and he believes in people for what most good possible they aspire to attain.

Basorun Dele Momodu is an inspiration for all generations to come, that whatever one sets his or her heart to achieve, as far as it is something good, he or she deserves to be supported to achieve it.

Basorun Dele Momodu is a leader who leads people to be at their best at all times. He has led many to their big breaks in life and in destiny especially in the media and entertainment industry. He has changed so many lives for good much more than he is aware of. That is how good he is. His goodness is one fact that stands to be celebrated as he has touched many lives for good. His generosity is unending and beyond comparison.

Basorun Dele Momodu is a leader that is not just a leader by title but a leader by the fact that he is reliable and dependable and that he is a leader who leaves no one behind. He hates discrimination and he has a personal dislike for cheating in all of its forms. He is a leader who will at all times protect the weak and vulnerable in a group. He is a leader who makes for equality. In fact, he regards all humans in their merits and not in any way that seems discriminatory.

Lastly, Basorun Dele Momodu is a patriot to the core. If there are ten persons who fought for the democracy of Nigeria in the heat of the war against democracy in Nigeria in the early 90s, Dele Momodu is one.

Basorun Dele Momodu followed the ways and philosophy of former President of Nigeria, Chief MKO Abiola (GCFR) to the very end even under the most uncomfortable of circumstances.

Basorun Dele Momodu has constantly made it a duty to keep Governments on their toes. He has usually been in opposition as it gives him the opportunity to keep Governments in check and to give his very best towards repositioning of Nigeria for good. He has matched the streets of Nigeria in protest against bad governance time and time again regardless of who is President.

Basorun Dele Momodu is a great person, he is an inspiration, he is a leader and he is a patriot to the core.

Happy 63rd birthday to him. I wish him many more happy birthdays to come and I wish him more and more prosperity in good health.

I pray that his love for Nigeria and for Africa continues to wax stronger and stronger and that may it never wax cold. This current generation of young writers and young media enthusiasts that have had the opportunity to work with him are beyond what words can satisfactorily explain, grateful to him as meeting him has changed their lives for good and it has given hope and value to their talents and giftings in life.

Basorun Aare Dele Momodu is indeed an inspiration, a leader and a patriot to the core and for those critical qualities that he embodies, he deserves to be celebrated everyday beyond just his birthdays alone.


Issa Itopa Lucky is a socio-political writer.

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