“Chief Dele Momodu is too contented to be bothered about wanting to be in the Villa”, Lucky replies Tolu Ogunlesi

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Chief Dele Momodu


Socio-political writer, Issa Itopa Lucky has on Tuesday responded to former Presidential media aide, Tolu Ogunlesi on his Monday June 5, 2023 tweet in which he made a joke asking “When is Egbon @DeleMomodu going to the Villa?”

Issa Itopa Lucky, while responding, said; “Chief Dele Momodu is too self-contented and already-made to be seeking to be in Aso Rock aka ‘the Villa’.

“Chief Dele Momodu has a life well admired outside of politics, hence his last do-or-die desire will be to be in Aso Rock especially against his own personal principle.

“All through the 2023 Presidential campaigns, Chief Dele Momodu ran a very passionate, professional and patriotic campaign, not once did he ever sounded like somebody who will do anything beyond his personal principles and reputation to gain entrance into Aso Rock,” Issa Itopa Lucky said.

“It is ironic that the same Chief Dele Momodu that Tolu Ogunlesi and his fans are trying to troll with talks of Aso Rock, is somebody who even after supporting then opposition APC to power in 2015 was never found gate-crashing Aso Rock to identify with the APC and by 2019 he was even supporting the opposition PDP just as it suited his personal conviction at the same. For the records, Chief Dele Momodu has thus far usually been in the opposition all his life of participating in politics. In fact I will not be surprised if the Presidential Election Petition Court and ultimately the Supreme Court declares PDP the winner of the 2023 Presidential election and Chief Dele Momodu even as a loyal member of the PDP and even as a key member of the PDP 2023 Presidential campaign declines to be appointed into public office but rather chooses to be keeping the party PDP on its toes to ensure it delivers on the dividends of democracy as promised Nigerians by him and the party during the campaigns and as expected of the party.

“Worst still, this Aso Rock joke by Tolu Ogunlesi is coming at a time one of the lawyers of the INEC has already admitted in court that failing to have up to 25% votes in FCT is enough to stop a candidate from being declared President of Nigeria, a criterion that even the current occupant of Aso Rock, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu clearly lost out on and is one of the key issues at the ongoing hearings at the Presidential Election Petition Court. Clearly, Chief Dele Momodu cannot be intending to go to Aso Rock to visit people who are temporarily occupying Aso Rock. If the words of the INEC lawyer that cross-examined one of those PDP witnesses on Monday June 5, 2023 at the Presidential Election Petition Court is anything to go by, indeed Tinubu will be removed from Aso Rock for failing to get up to 25% votes in FCT as of the February 25, 2023 Presidential election by the Presidential Election Petition Court and same verdict will be upheld by the Supreme Court as the INEC lawyer definitely ought to know better about how INEC may have erred in declaring Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu winner of the 2023 Presidential election as of March 1, 2023 against the letters and the spirit of Section 134 of the 1999 Nigeria Constitution (as amended) that talks about the complete package of criteria to be used in deciding a clear winner in a Nigerian Presidential election,” Issa Itopa Lucky further said.

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