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Common sense is our problem in Nigeria and therefore the social media falsehood occupied the space on the issuance of a Certificate by CSU which is different from the one presented to INEC. Does that make sense?

Can an institution issue two certificates in the normal course of events?

How can CSU possibly and practicably presents another Certificate in 2023?

There is always one original certificate issued to a graduated student. Except the CSU did not issue the original copy of the Certificate to Tinubu.

The same University cannot have another Certificate to issue. If they do, it would be a fresh one which cannot be signed by the person who issued it in 1979.

If the Certificate of 2023 is different from the one of 1979 which the difference must exist which of the Certificates would be regarded as the Original as there cannot be two originals?

I think the CSU cannot act in such a manner of issuing another Certificate as speculated through the social media.Such proposition is by no means unintelligible with the greatest respect.

What could be produced from the CSU would be the Certified True Copy of the transcript and not the Certificate any longer as the Original had since left the university. It is only the CSU that can properly and authoritatively assert that the Certificate presented to INEC by President Tinubu was forged and no other because they were the issued authority.

The person who can sign certificate today from CSU cannot possibly be the same person that would have signed same in 1979.

The two certificates could not certainly be dated the same.

It is the later issued that could be regarded as forged and not the older one of 1979. That is, if the issue of forgery would be inferred from the circumstances at all.

Finally, the Certificate presented to INEC, was it the photocopy or the Original? Is it the original that was forged or the photocopy?

Who is in custody of the original from where forgery would necessarily be committed?

Who is alleging forgery? Has he ever seen the original from where the alleged forgery has been committed?

Was he present where and when the forgery was been committed?

These are critical questions that a reasonable mind would answer, all in the affirmative before embarking of media distractions.

The CSU media hullabaloo remains an unpatriotic distraction of government from focusing on delivering the dividends of democracy to the good people of Nigeria.

It ought and must be disregarded by Nigerians!

Chief S.T Yenge writes from Abuja.

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