Youth group launches “Call for Justice in Nigeria”, calls on Nigeria Judiciary to uphold justice

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A Youth Group has made a call on the Nigeria Judiciary to uphold justice as it gets set to give verdicts on the highly disputed February 25 Presidential election.
In a statement made available to the press on Friday, the group said; “we might not all be as wonderful as Martin Luther King Jr., Tafawa Balewa, Nnamdi Azikiwe or Nelson Mandela, but we can all strive to be like them. They spoke up for justice and fought against injustice and oppression.”
“Our justice system in Nigeria has be undermined for too many years already, the rule of law have been under serious attack from leaders and political actors that have used their wealth and influence to deny justice from being served.  What was known as the voice of the common man is gradually becoming the forces against the common man,” the group lamented.
The group further said “the call for justice today has never been this loud, the voices of Nigerians are all over the globe, demanding for justice and fairness in our judicial system because a dysfunctional judicial  system means that the poor and vulnerable are denied justice.”
“All eyes are set on the Judiciary because  without an independent judiciary, Nigeria cannot have a functioning democracy. Our judicial system must be strengthened to ensure that democracy can thrive. Therefore, we call on the judiciary to remain  steadfast in upholding the principles of fairness, equity and justice. No matter the pressure,  it must uphold the rule of law and ensure that justice is served without delay.
“As concerned Nigerians we shall continue to call on the judiciary to do the right thing without fear or intimidation, we will continue to do so as citizens because judicial scrutiny will prevent the possibility of unqualified candidate assuming the presidency,  it is our duty as citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to protect our nation from potential harm.
“This call for justice is to remind Nigerians that justice has a voice, it was heard in Malawi and then in Kenya, it will be heard in Nigeria and heaven will not fall,” the group further said.

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