Dami Elegbe gives advice to upcoming stars.

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The Netflix is airing a new show called Far from home and it is written by Nigerians with Nigerian cast but with the success of the launch, the script writer Dami Elegbe had few words on success as she spoke in depth in an interview by Host Chude.

Nigerian script writer Dami Elebe gave advice to those in the industry who have made it or are yet to make it, she is the head writer for the new series ‘Far from home’ and it can be streamed on Netflix.

“One thing that I have realized here is that a lot of people, when they start to make it the way hoped and pray the would, they start to forget the journey, the people, the ladders, the steps, the vibes and the inshallah that was all around that struggle. They tend to forget it and they start to believe the hype but I tell people this, you see in life everybody has time. Success is a visitor for everybody, it has time and place, i mean we are all here and everybody is saying Messi and Ronaldo and at some point it wasn’t Messi and Ronaldo, everybody has their time.”

“But you see what you do with that time is so important so that when your time is so important so that when your time does pass, you are a legend. It doesn’t fully pass, it just continues to exist even though you are not on top, do you understand? I don’t think anybody ever gets prepared to be great, i think what it is if you get to that top level whether it be No 1 or you know top 5 or top 10. When you do get there, remember what you had to do to get there.”

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